Gearing Up for Giving Tuesday – Meet One of Our Donors!

Program News
November 27, 2023

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow! We hope that you will choose to celebrate with us. Every donation helps our three programs – Disability Rights DC, the Housing Counseling Program, and the DC Assistive Technology Program – get closer to achieving socioeconomic and health equity for all Washingtonians.

To help you decide, I spoke to one of our dedicated donors. GH is a long-time DC resident whose son has autism. He knows that accessing disability services in the District can be an extremely complex and stressful process. Over the years, he dealt with many well-regarded advisors in the field, but he felt that no one could give him satisfactory answers on how to get the necessary support for his son. This changed when he learned about Disability Rights DC.

In GH’s words, our Legal Director Sandy Bernstein “is the best qualified person in the entire Washington area at dealing with questions about autistic children.” GH understands how important it is for these resources to be available to all Washingtonians who need them. This is why, every year, he chooses to support our work: “You guys are the best of anyone, and people without resources should get to access your services."

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