Housing Counseling Program

Our Housing Counseling Program (HCP) is committed to keeping long-time DC residents in their beloved communities. We help Washingtonians who are of low-to-moderate income realize their homeownership dreams and achieve financial stability.

Keeping long-term DC residents in their communities

As a HUD-certified housing services provider, HCP can help you become a homeowner. We regularly support clients as they navigate city-sponsored programs on their road to homeownership, including the Home Purchase Assistance Program, the Employer Assisted Homebuying Program, and the Inclusionary Zoning Program.

Additionally, we work with homeowners to avoid mortgage default and foreclosure, manage their homes and budgets, and rehabilitate their properties through programs like the Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program. If you’re not yet looking to buy a home, our counselors can also help you improve your credit, increase your savings, reduce your debt, locate affordable and accessible housing, avoid and/or navigate eviction, and more!

Our housing workshops

HCP also offers a number of workshops on City-sponsored housing programs, including the Home Purchase Assistance Program, the Inclusionary Zoning Program, and the Single Family Residential Rehabilitation Program. Our dedicated housing counselors deliver these helpful presentations in English and Spanish multiple times a month. Check our workshop calendar to find and sign up for a workshop today!

Steps to accessing our housing counseling services

Step 1

Determine if you qualify for and need our services (our work focuses on long-term DC residents who have low-to-moderate incomes). Then, contact us at (202) 547-4747 (telephone) or (202) 547-2657 (TTY). You can also sign up for one of our workshops to learn more about City-sponsored  housing programs.

Step 2

When you call, one of our dedicated staff members will ask you about your needs and the services that you hope to receive from HCP. We will then connect you to a housing counselor who can best assist you.

Step 3

If you are eligible and our resources allow it, receive the free, quality services that you need. Depending on your needs, this could look like foreclosure prevention counseling, assistance with a Housing Purchase Assistance Program application, credit counseling, and more!

What can you gain from working with HCP?

  • One-on-one collaboration with HUD-certified, bilingual housing counselors. 
  • One-on-one assistance with applying to various city programs (such as HPAP, the IZ Program, and SFRRP). 
  • Individualized plans to improve your credit and achieve financial health. 
  • Intensive rental and/or eviction counseling.
  • Individualized support with finding affordable housing in a difficult housing market. 
  • 100% free assistance.

Helpful resources about DC housing

Here are some common resources that may be helpful to you as you navigate housing in DC. Find more information under the "Resource Page" tab of the site.

Call us about receiving housing assistance today!

Contact us at (202) 547-4747 (telephone) or (202) 547-2657 (TTY) for assistance and/or sign up for one of our workshops!

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