Client Feature: Mr. S. Settles into His New Apartment!

December 18, 2023

In June, we shared an exciting update from one of our clients, Mr. S (He/Him). After spending almost 20 years on the housing voucher waiting list and 2 years without housing, Mr. S. finally matched to a housing voucher in June! He recently shared more exciting news with us.

In July, Mr. S. was able to go shopping for his new apartment with JPAP Re-entry Advocate Robert Davis (He/Him). With JPAP’s funds, Mr. S. and Robert purchased a bed, a television, a kitchen dining set, wall décor, and a comfort chair with a leg rest. After moving into his new home, Mr. S. also finally started receiving the Social Security Income (SSI) benefits that he needs. This is an especially important accomplishment, as Social Security Administration (SSA) wait times have been off the charts at an average of 220 days (almost twice as much as wait times in 2019). In fact, Mr. S. did not receive his benefits until October of 2023, 10 months after he filed his application in January of 2023. The benefits allow Mr. S. to sustain himself as he waits to get needed eye surgery. In the meantime, Mr. S. has continued to grow his passion for art – see some of his latest work!

A portrait of two men in an orange and green frame. To the left, one brown-skinned man is wearing a black and white fedora hat, a green blazer, a yellow shirt, and black pants as he poses with a cup in his hand. To the right, a brown-skinned man is wearing a black, striped hat, an orange jacket, and striped pants as he poses while holding a white piece of paper.

A portrait of a mother and child. The mother is a brown-skinned woman with short, brown hair wearing hoop hearings and a colorful headwrap. She is cradling her infant in her headwrap as the infant reaches out to touch her face. To the top-left, black text reads “True Love.” In the background are colorful roses, a star, and a half moon.

A portrait of two women next to their photograph.
A portrait of two women in a brown wooden frame next to a photograph of them. To the left is a brown-skinned woman with shoulder-length brown hair wearing a white, pink, and brown striped shirt and glasses. To the right is a brown-skinned woman with shoulder-length hair wearing a white blouse, a blue undershirt, and blue lipstick. In the background are red roses on green vines.

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