DC Assistive Technology Loan Program

How can our loan program help you?  

Our device loan program allows DC residents to borrow assistive technology (AT) devices easily and at no charge. Loans can:   

  • Allow people to try and decide between various AT devices before purchasing one.
  • Serve as temporary replacements for broken devices undergoing repairs.
  • Accommodate people who only need AT on a short-term basis (such as for an injury).
  •  Be used for trial training or learning purposes.

Devices available for loan include:   

  • Augmentative communication devices (low-to-high tech ).
  • Capability switches; textured, plate, tip, proximity, and more.  
  • Voice amplifiers . 
  • Assistive listening devices.  
  • Portable electronic magnifiers.  
  • Compact refreshable Braille displays.  
  • Adapted keyboards and mice; joystick, rollerball; Bluetooth keyboards. 
  • Smart pens for note-taking.
  • Head Mouse for hands-free computer access.
  • iPads for trial use and app selection.  
  • Wheelchair mounts for iPad.  


How does it work?  

If you or someone you know is in need of a device loan, you can contact us at (202) 547-0198 ext: 137 or democenter@uls-dc.org to learn whether the device that you need is available. If it is, we will then ask you to schedule an appointment to pick up your device(s) at 220 I Street NE, Suite 130. Here, we will assist you in the selection of your device(s) and provide you with basic instructions and implementation ideas.   

Loan regulations:   

  • The standard length of a device loan is four weeks. Borrowers must ask for longer loans if needed.   
  • Borrowers are liable for the replacement of any device that is lost, stolen, or damaged.  
  • Borrowers must complete and sign an agreement form.   
  • Borrowers are responsible for pick-up and return of all equipment.