DC Assistive Technology Resources Center

How can our resource center help you?  

The DC Assistive Technology Resource Center (DCATRC) allows individuals to explore assistive technology (AT) devices that may increase their independence and functional capability. DCATRC staff can help you by demonstrating and comparing the benefits of a broad range of AT devices – including communications aids, voice-activated computers, tools for daily living, electronic magnifiers, and other technology for use in the classroom, workplace, and community.   

During these demonstrations, DCATRC staff can also provide you with information on where and how to purchase the assistive technology devices that you need. Additionally, we can refer you to agencies and service providers that may help you access these devices.   

Our space is also available for assistive technology vendors, service providers, instructors, students, and other professionals who wish to conduct demonstrations and workshops on AT or provide assessment and training.   

How does it work?  

You can contact us at 202 547-0198 ext. 137 or democenter@uls-dc.org to set up an AT demonstration at the DCARTC (220 I Street NE, Suite 130). We offer in-person and virtual demonstrations. Virtual demonstrations will take place on Zoom and will require you to have a computer with a working camera, internet access, an active email account, and the ability to follow online instructions to enter the Zoom meeting.