DC Funds (Alternative Financing Program for Assistive Technology)

How can DC Funds help you?  

DC Funds (Alternative Financing Program for Assistive Technology) is federally funded and allows DC residents to borrow money at a very low interest rate in order to purchase much-needed assistive technology (AT) devices. Loans range from $300 to $10,000 with interest rates between 0% and 3%, depending on the loan amount. Loan terms vary between 6 months and 5 years. DCATP can also provide clients with support to keep payments current and, if necessary, credit counseling to build their credit or improve their credit scores.   

Examples of AT devices purchased with DC Funds:   

  • Hearing aids. 
  • Stair lifts.  
  • Braille notetakers.  
  • Home modifications.   
  • Power wheelchairs.   
  • Computers.   
  • Tablets.   
  • Much more (view the full list here). 


How does it work?     

Could you or someone you know benefit from a DC Funds loan? Complete this application form and mail it to DCATP Program Director Alicia Johns at 220 I St. NE, Suite 130, Washington DC 20002. If you need assistance completing this form, you can contact Alicia Johns at (202) 547-0198 ext. 134 or ajohns@uls-dc.org. A committee consisting in part of individuals with disabilities and family members of people with disabilities will then review your loan application. If you are approved, DCATP will inform you of the next steps you need to take.