DC Shares (Durable Medical Equipment Recycling Program)

How can DC Shares help you?  

DC Shares (Durable Medical Equipment Recycling Program) provides free durable medical equipment to DC residents with income levels below $25,000 per year. Durable medical equipment is any type of equipment that helps individuals with disabilities or temporary injuries manage their personal needs and daily activities more easily.

Available durable medical equipment includes:   

  • Walkers.
  • Canes.  
  • Rollators.  
  • Manual wheelchairs.  
  • Crutches.   
  • Bedside commodes.  
  • Grab bars.  
  • Dressing aides.  
  • Toilet safety frames. 
  • Reachers.
  • Shower chairs.
  • Transfer benches. 

Disposable medical supplies, such as gloves and incontinence-related products, are sometimes available.   

How does it work?

DC Shares is a recycling program that depends on donations of durable medical equipment and, occasionally, disposable supplies. Equipment is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and varies depending on availability.   

If you or someone you know are interested in DC Shares, contact DC Shares Equipment Recycling Coordinator Reginald Taylor at (202) 332-2595 or rtaylor@uls-dc.org to make an appointment. If the equipment that you need is available, you will then visit our office at 1301 Belmont St NW to pick it up. If you cannot come to DC Shares, a representative (including a family member, social worker, physical therapist, or rehab counselor) may pick up the equipment for you. You or your representative must bring proof of residency and income.   

Proof of residency can be:  

  • Government-issued I.D. with a DC address.  
  • Copy of a lease.  
  • Utility bill in your name.    
  • A DC Medicaid Card (also serves as proof of income).  

Proof of income can be:   

  • Social Security Award Letter.  
  • Check Stub.  
  • Last year’s tax return.  
  • DC Housing Voucher.