Decision-Making Support/Alternatives to Guardianship

Disability Rights DC (DRDC) advocates for the right of people with disabilities to make their own decisions, with supports if necessary. Therefore, DRDC does not provide assistance with petitions for guardianship.  DRDC educates people with disabilities, family members, providers, and the community about options for decision-making supports in the District of Columbia and the rights of people with disabilities to direct their own lives.  DRDC also can draft Powers of Attorneys and Supported Decision-Making Agreements for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health disabilities, when desired.   

DRDC accepts cases related to protecting the decision-making rights of people with disabilities in the District of Columbia that fall within our priorities (see below). Requests for assistance are assessed on a case-by-case basis under our priorities and based on resources. 

Program Priorities

To determine your eligibility for our services and better understand the breadth of our work, please review our 2024 priorities for the following Protection and Advocacy programs, linked below: 

Are you in need of our services?

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